50PCS Or 100PCS fishing pins/Hooks

Brand Name: BODECIN
Size: 1.5CM
Material: stainless steel
Type: Swivels&Snap
name: Fishing Hook
name1: Centering Pins
name2: Fixed Latch Needle
name3: Spring Twist Crank Lock
name4: for Soft Lure
package: 50/100pcs Latch Pin

  • 50PCS Or 100PCS fishing pins/Hook Tool Centering Pins Fixed Latch Needle Spring Crank Twist Lock for Soft Lure/Bait/Worm/Grub

    Made of 304 stainless steel, high elasticity, not rust, reliable use.
    Fixed firmly, easy disassembly, anti hanging bottom, save a lot troubles of hook and bait.
    These stainless steel pins easily attach to hook eyes and securely screw into any soft plastic bait.
    Small size, convenient to carry and storage.
    Suitable for soft baits, perfect accessories for outdoor fishing.
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Size: 14 * 4.5mm / 0.55 * 0.18in
    Unit Weight: 0.13g